IDLEHEIST™ director Joshua M. Dragotta hails from New Jersey. He first explored his interest in cinematography at a small college in Pennsylvania. He spent his time creating 16mm films which he submitted to area film festivals. After a short time, Josh decided to pursue cinematography as a serious art, so in January of 1997 he transferred to the University of Arizona where he studied photography and worked as a videographer at a local production company. During this time, he was introduced to and honed his skills in creating and editing digital video. He completed his first digital film, "Between the Bread" in 2001, which he debuted at the first annual "Back Alley Film Festival". Inspired by the success of his film festival, Josh began work on the screenplay for IDLEHEIST™. Several rewrites later the script was complete and efforts began to find a cast, crew, and locations for shooting. Josh entered production for IDLEHEIST™ on October 21, 2001.
Joshua has always had a passion for cinema and the craft. "Telling stories through movies is magic, creating a whole new environment for people to imagine and dream, making my world their own. There is nothing more thrilling than evoking an emotion through art, whether it is a smile, laugh, or a tear. If someone has to cover their eyes or clench their fist, than my art is successful and that makes me happy. I still want to make these things happen, I strive to entertain, and to create an effect on people's emotions, even after I'm long gone".