IDLEHEIST is a concept... a satire…

a digital film created by first time feature film director Joshua M. Dragotta. The story tracks four rookie crooks in a robbery gone bad. Idleheist's campy, film noir stylization of crime is meant to parody media and reality TV. Josh explains "I wanted to make a film about the people who try to outrun the helicopter, or the guy who robs a store and leaves his wallet on the counter. These guys think they have this insanely easy plan but when it starts to disintegrate what's left is the distorted, paranoid reality of their situation. Finally you have to ask how long will you hang on to illusion before you force yourself to face the truth?" There won't be any "relaxing" for these guys. . .no such thing as an "Idleheist."
With it's campy style and experimental technique, the film is best acknowledged as an experience. The film is presented in Dolby® 5.1 dts and incorporates true natural surround as well as a sound design that experiments with noise and texture of sound to create yet another layer in the film process. Within the soundscape of the picture lay the score and musical arrangements. Mike Giovale and Jay Verkamp at Streamwest Audio Video Studios in Flagstaff Arizona master the score. "We chose ten different bands to record individual songs for the film. Ninety-nine percent of the film has all original music. The musicians were given edited scenes and asked to compose music to them. They had no knowledge of plot structure. They developed the music by how the scene made them feel. It was a risk, but the expiriment worked well."
The cinematic style of photography and editing pay tribute to our classic film noir and traditional westerns. Director of photography Carlos Moreno and editors Tyson Krock and Dragotta create a paranoid look at reality, which gives IDLEHEIST its distinct appearance. When creating the concept of IDLEHEIST Dragotta was setting out to lampoon past film noir. Paying strict attention to Delmer Dave's "Dark Passage" and Stanley Kubricks "The Killing", as well as John Huston's classic "The Maltese Falcon". Noir isn't the only genre Dragotta was pulling from, he also felt a strong regard for George Roy Hill's "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid", Arther Penn's "Bonnie And Clyde", and Sergio Leone's "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly".
Dragotta remarks,"Movies have always had a impact on me. Ticket sales and increased cable chanels proves that visual entertainment is affecting more people. Is this glorification of violence or is the fifteen minute fame of reality TV a root to this mayhem?" Producers Joshua M.Dragotta and Erik Hulten push the increasing envelope of digital filmmaking.
IDLEHEIST™ is a JERSEYBOY PRODUCTIONS© film created in cooperation of FREE BRIDGE WORKS©.